Respiratory medicine

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The research conducted by the Respiratory Unit focuses on inflammatory disorders in the airways and lung parenchyma, and on lung cancer.

The success of much of the research is attributed to an excellent and close collaboration between experienced physicians meeting the patients and a well-equipped and closely located research laboratory with professionals, in particular with expertise within the field of inflammation and immunology.

Research areas

Research areas Senior researchers
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD Magnus Sköld, Åsa Wheelock
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) Magnus Sköld, Giovanni Ferrara
Intracellular signalling Magnus Nord
Proteomics applications Åsa Wheelock
Sarcoidosis Johan Grunewald, Anders Eklund, Jan Wahlström
Smoking-induced autoimmunity Jan Wahlström, Johan Öckinger

Head of Respiratory unit


Johan Grunewald

Phone: +46-(0)8-517 751 17
Organizational unit: Group J Grunewald

Research groups

Professor Johan Grunewald

Professor Magnus Sköld

Associate professor Åsa Wheelock

Members of unit

Researchers Title Affiliated with senior researcher
Anders Eklund MD, Professor  
Giovanni Ferrara MD, Associate Professor, senior consultant Magnus Sköld
Johan Grunewald MD, Professor  
Reidar Grönneberg MD, Associate Professor  
Reza Karimi MD, PhD Magnus Sköld
Susanna Kullberg MD, PhD Johan Grunewald, Jan Wahlström
Chuan-Xing Li (Tracy) Senoir postdoc Åsa Wheelock
Heta Merikallio Postdoc Åsa Wheelock, Magnus Sköld
Magnus Nord MD, Adjunct Professor  
Emma Ringqvist Senior postdoc Magnus Nord
Natalia Sifaki Rivera Postdoc Johan Grunewald
Magnus Sköld MD, Professor  
Jan Wahlström MD, Associate Professor  
Åsa Wheelock Associate Professor  
Mingxing Yang MD Senior postdoc Åsa Wheelock
Johan Öckinger Senior postdoc Jan Wahlström
Doctoral students   Main Supervisor
Muntasir Abo Al Hayja   Jan Wahlström
Michael Hagemann Jensen   Jan Wahlström
Tina Heyder   Johan Grunewald
Ylva Kaiser   Johan Grunewald
Ioanna Kotortsi   Magnus Sköld
Marianne Kövamees   Jan Wahlström
Ida Pesonen   Giovanni Ferrara
Marika Ström   Åsa Wheelock
Petra Um Bergström   Magnus Sköld
Emil Wiklundh   Johan Grunewald
Technical & administrative staff    
Maria Ahlsén PhD, national co-ordinator BronchoScapis  
Heléne Blomqvist Research nurse  
Lisa Carlson Research nurse, national co-ordinator IPF-registry  
Margitha Dahl Registred nurse  
Benita Dahlberg Biomedical technician  
Benita Engvall Biomedical technician, M Sc  
Eva-Marie Karlsson Administrator  
Emma Sundström Registred nurse