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Respiratory infections

Jonas Hedlund PhD, Associate professor, Team leader

Adjunct senior lecturer

Jonas Hedlund

Organizational unit: Group J Hedlund

Research focus

Lower respiratory tract diseases- microbiological diagnostics and use of biomarkers for severity assessment and optimization of antibiotic therapy and prognosis.


 In order to curb the global rise of antibiotic resistance, the WHO and the European Commission have set up action plans that primarily focus on improving the use of antibiotics. A key part of these plans is to actively develop rapid microbiological methods, enabling targeted antibiotic therapy. Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common microbiological cause of pneumonia. Our group has shown that pneumococcal pneumonia can be quickly diagnosed with urinary antigen test and PCR on airway secretions, blood and pleural fluid. The research group's main research area covers microbiological diagnosis in pneumonia, severity assessment and optimization of antibiotic therapy.

Major research focus –study aims

  • To gain access to clinically useful rapid microbiological methods for the detection of infectious agents, severity assessment tools and infection-specific monitoring for pneumonia.
  • To study the extent to which the national treatment recommendations in community-acquired pneumonia are followed and how this is correlated to the prognosis.
  • To study biomarkers, biomolecules and the etiologic spectrum in patients with pleural infections.
  • To study denditritic cells (DC) in nasopharynx aspirates and blood from patients with respiratory viral infection in collaboration with Anna Smed Sörensen.
  • To study whether it is possible to develop a prehospital decision support system for the emergency medical services for patients with severe infections – mainly respiratory tract infections - to an optimal level of healthcare.


Team members

Carl Spindler, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow

Niclas Johansson, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow

Mats Kalin,


Key Publications

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