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KEP: Reproductive Epidemiology

“The time we spend in utero is undoubtedly the most important developmental time period of our lives; we go from one cell to a viable individual in roughly 38 weeks!”

Sara Öberg, PhD thesis, Karolinska Institutet

The general objective of our research is to improve the understanding of the influence of pregnancy and birth on short and long term outcomes for the mother and the child.

We are specifically interested in

  • risks of maternal and fetal/infant health during pregnancy, delivery and after delivery;
  • associations between pregnancy and the long term prognosis for the mother and child.
  • interventions and management during pregnancy and delivery and maternal and infant outcome

For this purpose, we use population-based research registries and local data bases. The research is performed in collaboration with other research groups within the Clinical Epidemiology Unit (KEP), other research groups within Karolinska Institutet and other universities in Sweden and internationally.

Group Members

Olof Stephansson, MD, PhD (Group Leader)

Maria Altman, MD, PhD

Sven Cnattingius, MD, Senior Professor

Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, MD, PhD

Charlotte Elvander, RM, PhD

Anna Gunnerbeck, PhD Student

Anders Hjern, MD, Professor

Kari Johansson, PhD

Stefan Johansson, MD, PhD

Siavash Maghsoudlou, MD, PhD

Katarina Remaeus, PhD Student

Anna Sandström, MD, PhD

Anna-Karin Wikström, MD, Professor

Can Liu, PhD Student

Charlotte Lindblad Wollman, PhD Student

Fatine Khammari Nyström, PhD Student

Gunnar Petersson, Data Manager

Marija Simic MD, PhD

Martina Persson MD, PhD

Mia Ahlberg RM PhD

Nathalie Roos MD, PhD