Exposure-induced pulmonary inflammation

Exposure to working-related substances such as flour and corn-starch dust in bakeries is known to cause allergic as well as nonallergic respiratory symptoms. We are interested in how exposure to airborne dust particles may affect lung cells, to understand how pulmonary inflammation is induced.

Previous studies

A subclinical pulmonary inflammation could be registered in healthy individuals following exposure to airborne wheat flour dust, corn-starch and wood dust, respectively. Interestingly, exposure to corn-starch resulted in a selective recruitment of eosinophilic granulocytes to the airways. The latter finding may increase our understanding of how eosinophilic granulocytes are recruited to the lungs.

Exposure to corn-starch could possibly serve as a model for eosinophilic inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Adjunct Professor Göran Tornling

Respiratory MedicineInflammation