Early signs of RA

Signs of immune cell accumulation and activation are present both in the bronchial tissue and in BAL of untreated patients with early RA without concomitant lung disease, strengthening the role of the lung compartment as an important player in ACPA-positive RA.

New study published at Pubmed november 2015.


1st Gudrun Reynisdottir · Karolinska Institutet

2nd Helga H Olsen · Karolinska University Hospital

3rd Vijay Joshua · Karolinska Institutet

4th Marianne Engström · Karolinska Institutet

5th Helena Forsslund·

6th Reza Karimi · Karolinska Institutet

7th Magnus Sköld

8th Sven Nyrén · Karolinska University Hospital

9th Anders Eklund · Karolinska Institutet

10th Johan Grunewald · Karolinska Institutet

11th Anca Catrina · Karolinska Institutet

Signs of immune activation and local inflammation are present in the bronchial tissue of patients with untreated early rheumatoid arthritis.
Reynisdottir G, Olsen H, Joshua V, Engström M, Forsslund H, Karimi R, et al
Ann. Rheum. Dis. 2016 09;75(9):1722-7