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Clone of Atherosclerosis Research Unit

Head of unit: Per Eriksson

Research focus: Cardiovascular disease

The unit comprises the Cardiovascular genomics and genetics group, also a part of the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM), KI.

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The mission of the group is to unravel the etiology and pathophysiological mechanism underlying atherosclerosis, arterial thrombosis and aneurysm formation. This is pursued by a combination of physiological, biochemical and molecular genetics and genomics studies in vivo in humans and in model systems as well as functional molecular genetic studies in in vitro and ex vivo systems.

Our international competitive edge derives from a combination of cutting-edge methodology for detailed molecular studies on model systems and humans, and access to tissue specimens, DNA and blood samples from large cohorts of representative and carefully characterised patients and healthy volunteers from the general population.

Research is performed by six research teams.