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Work environment

Staff support - around the clock telephone counselling - A complement to Previa occupational health service

Previa - occupational health service - If you are an employee or a scholarship-funded doctoral/post-doctoral student, you can turn to Previa in the event of any work-related health issue.

Environmental and sustainability work

To strengthen our environmental and sustainability work, Karolinska Institutet has begun working towards certification under the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Read more about the environmental and sustainability work at KI

Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity between men and women is an important issue on the agenda in the Department of Medicine at Huddinge University Hospital.

Gender equality and diversity coordinator

Julian Walfridsson


Health promotion

Health promoter

Yvonne Edlund

Telefon: Health promoter

Work environment

The Work environment group at the Department consists of 12 permanent members from different professions and one or two student representatives.

The group meets once a month, is advisory to the head of the department and reports to the Department Council. The work carried out during the year and plans for the next are described in the Department's annual report.

Some recurrent activities are:

  • At least one "Quality Round" per semester, i.e. lectures with work environment or equal opportunity topics.
  • Annual award for the best contribution to work environment. The price winner/winners are nominated by colleagues and receive the sum of 5.000 SEK.
  • Every year the Work environment group makes arrangements for vaccination against the flu for all personnel.

Work environment organisation

The Swedish Work Environment Act and related directives must be observed on a continuous basis and in an integral way in the work of the Department. Everyone active in the organization is under duty to contribute to the best of their ability.

Safety officers

Main safety officer Anna-Lee Jansén 08-517 72663
Safety officer Metabollab Lisbeth Benthin 08-58 58 69 69
Safety officer, Hematology Center, Novum Mari Gilljam 08-585 83659
Safety officer, Center for Infectious Medicine Elisabeth Henriksson 08-524 838 65
Safety officer, Center for Infectious Medicine Anette Hofmann 08-585 81363
Safety officer Lipidlab, Novum Gaby Åström 08-585 83871
Safety officer, ICMC Tove Berg 08-524 82 518
Work environment group Phone
Mari Gilljam Chair, Biomedical scientist 08-585 82442
Elisabeth Henriksson Chair, Biomedical scientist 08-585 81363
Julian Walfridsson Gender equality and diversity coordinator 08-585 83623
Emma Karlsson

Communications officer

08-585 85 331
Johanna Snäll PhD Student 08-585 82276
Yvonne Edlund Administrator, Health promoter 08-524 833 13
Tove Ramos-Berg Procurement officer 08-524 825 18
Christina Johansson HR supervisor 08-524 836 46

Annamaj Stolt

HR officer 08-524 833 11

Work environment prize

The Department has a long tradition of annually awarding a prize to an employee or group for best work environment achievement. The prize is 5000 SEK.

Previa - partner within health and working environment

Previa is Karolinska Institutet's collaborative partner within health and the working environment and provides complete occupational health care for work-related issues.

Read about Previa's offers to KI employees