Winner of Best Grand Round presentation

Published 2014-02-27 14:50. Updated 2014-03-18 09:27

Karin Strandberg, Hjärt-och Lungsjukdomar, Inst. för medicin, Huddinge.

Karin Strandberg is the winner of the Best Grand Round presentation Autumn 2013, at Department of Medicine, Huddinge. The award was awarded in January.

Karin Strandberg is a specialist in allergic diseases with a focus on severe asthma at Unit of Heart and lung diseases, Department of Medicine, Huddinge, KI. She has worked at Huddinge Campus since 2008.

What is your GR- presentation about?

- Food hypersensitivity, a small survey of allergic and non- allergic reactions with some patient cases as examples. Hypersensitivity to food is becoming more common, and we all come in contact with the phenomenon in some way or another.

Why did you participate in Grand Round?

-Haha, I guess I didn’t look away as much as my colleagues did at the morning meeting early last autumn. The question came up who of us could do a presentation the day the Lung allergy clinic had been allocated. With hindsight, of course I'm incredibly happy, and proud that I was given the assignment!

Who are you and what do you do at KI?

-I'm specialist in allergic diseases with a focus on severe asthma, recently also a “freshly baked” specialist in lung diseases. I'm usually located at Pulmonary Disease and Allergy Clinic [Karolinska University hospital], where I’m among other things in charge of the children’s clinic for asthmatics.

- On the research side, I’m a member of Barbro Dahlén research group, and have worked in a large and partly EU-funded study on intractable asthma. In a while, I will, if everything goes to plans, get more opportunity to focus on my research, and contribute to studies related to asthma and COPD.

Grand Round started in the 1980s:

  • Grand Round (GR) is a lecture series - held in Swedish - at Department of Medicine, Huddinge.
  • GR started in the 1980s as a platform for continuing education for the medical clinic’s physicians, where also the medical students were welcome.
  • A GR-lecture can be about research projects and theses, medical news of general interest, and case presentations.
  • The prize for best GR-presentation is handed out each term, the winner is selected by GR's audience, and the award is meant to act as a spur for the participants.