Undergraduate education

Our undergraduate education takes place in an inspiring environment of pedagogical and medical commitment where the student is the centre of attention. Our teachers have high academic and medical competence. We have a strong tradition of pedagogical development with focus on our students.

Undergraduate education - first and second cycle

Within the Study Programme in Medicine we give courses at semester 4, 5 and 6 and several elective courses. We also give freestanding courses and one course for future dentists.

The Department of Medicine is responsible for the Complementary Programme for physicians with a medical degree from outside the EU.

At our Department we also have a centre dedicated to supporting educational development Medical Case Centre (MCC).

Following courses are held at Department of Medicine, Huddinge:

Disease and Illness 2 

Clinical Medicine term 5 

Clinical Medicine term 6 

Complementary Programme for foreign physicians  

Elective courses at Department of Medicine, Huddinge

The Department offers several elective courses within the Study Programme in Medicine. The primary purpose of the elective courses is to provide students with a thorough professional, scientific and personal skills that prepare them for the medical profession.

The elective courses support a personal progression throughout the education and specialization within different themes. During the last semester it is also possible to select courses in areas of particular interest, within the future direction or with an international perspective.



Responsible for the undergraduate education, course coordinator for Clinical Medicine term 5 and 6

Agneta Månsson-Broberg

Telefon:08-585 804 85

Enhet:Enheten för hjärt- och lungsjukdomar




Course administrator for Clinical Medicine semester 5 and 6

Karin Sendek

Telefon:08-524 833 08




Responsible for the Infection part Clinical Medicine

Robert Schvarcz





Administrator for the infection part Clinical Medicine

Mary Hyll





Coordinator for Medical Diagnostics (Disease and Illness 2)

Johan Hoffstedt




Course administrator for Medical Diagnostics (Disease and Illness 2)

Yvonne Edlund

Telefon:08-524 833 13




Responsible elective courses (SVK)

Anna Freyschuss





Responsible for the course: Family Medicine for dentists

Stefan Deneberg

Institution:Institutionen för medicin, Huddinge (MedH), H7




Complementary Programme for foreign physicians

Hans Berglund