The Education Prize for the Infectious clinic has been awarded

Published 2015-09-28 10:24. Updated 2015-09-28 10:39Denna sida på svenska

The Education Prize for the Infectious clinic has been awarded. 

To encourage doctors who perform good clinical supervision of medical students at the infection clinic, the Department of Medicine introduced an educational price. Students has the opportunity to after each course nominate any supervisor to the price.

Nominated for spring 2015 have been:

Marcus Ahl, Ludvig Bolinder, Paulina Dalemo, Johannes Eimer, Hedvig Glans, Karin Hansson, Wilhelm Hedin, Per Hedman, Bibi Johansson, Charlotta Millbourn, Catharina Missailidis, Jakob Nilsson, Åsa Parke, Staffan Sandell, Bianca Stammler, Jonas Sundén-Cullberg, Anna-Karin Svensson, Xu Xinling, Mattias Östberg.

The Educational Price VT 2015 has been awarded:  

Carin Scholander with the justification: "Very educational, relevant, pleasant and encouraging. A really good role model!"

Congratulations Carin! 

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