Research groups at CIM

Here you find a list of all research groups and teams located at the Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM).

Myriam Aouadi: Immunometabolism: Macrophage functions in health and metabolic and liver diseases

Niklas Björkström: Human tissue-resident NK cells 
– Team Andrea Ponzetta: Unconventional T cells in human pathology
– Team Martin Ivarsson: Human uterine immune cells in endometrium and pregnancy

Susanna Brighenti: Discovery of pathogenesis in human tuberculosis

Marcus Buggert: T cell immunity to viral infections and cancer 

Benedict Chambers: NK cells in the development of adaptive immune responses

Malin Flodström- Tullberg: Etiology and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes

Sara Gredmark Russ: Viruses and their interactions with the immune system

Jonas Klingström: Understanding the mechanisms behind hantavirus-mediated pathogenesis

Hans-Gustaf Ljungren: Immune responses to human virus infections and cancer

Kalle Malmberg: Natural Killer Cell Biology and Cell Therapy
– Team Quirin Hammer: Innate immune regulation

Jakob Michaëlsson: Development,regulation and function of human natural killer cells in healthy and virus infected individuals
– Team Nicole Marquardt: Human tissue-resident NK cells in homeostasis and disease

Jenny Mjösberg: Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs)

Anna Norrby-Teglund: Disease mechanisms in severe acute bacterial infections
Team Magdalini Lourda: Innate immune system in cancer, inflammation and infection

Johan Sandberg: Role of T cells in human host defense

Mattias Svensson: Studies of tissue microbiology and immunology

Tim Willinger: Studying Mucosal Immunity and Inflammation In Vivo