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Information for supervisors

1. Creation of doctoral position and application for green light

Upcoming principal supervisors apply to create a doctoral studentship.

The application is done using the form ”Establishment of doctoral position”

Application for green light shall in the new process be included as an appendix to the application to establish a doctoral position, and it it thus included in the assessment of this step.

Please note that MedH has as a routine that both unit manager and, where applicable, clinical manager must sign and approve projects, time schedule and finances. Clinical manager can approve via certificate / e-mail.

As before, the ‘green light’ is linked to a specific doctoral student project and should not be considered a general approval of a supervisor. Each doctoral student still requires their own application. The decision is only valid for the current department.

Signed documents and all obligatory appendices are submitted to MedH’s educational administrator. Green Light and the establishment of a doctoral position are both approved by the Director of Studies and Head of Department.

In this step, it is also assessed if grounds exist for not publishing the doctoral position as normal.

Rules and general syllabus for doctoral education

2. Recruitment

Note that the steps of a recruitment process are compulsory and must be documented. For detailed information and support in the recruitment process, see MedH’s doctoral recruitment.

Recruitment group

A recruitment group shall be formed for each recruitment. At least one researcher who is not affiliated with the project should be included in the group. The recruiting supervisor should consult with existing HR expertise at the department and use MedH’s online doctoral recruitment guide. The department is responsible for a recruitment group being formed according to these guidelines.

Publishing and advertising

Doctoral positions which will be employed by KI shall be published. Publishing is not required for clinical doctoral students, i.e. persons who already are employed at SLL.
Use the doctoral advertisement template and fill in the necessary information. If you need help, contact the MedH HR administrator. When the advertisement draft is done, it should be sent to the HR administrator who reviews the ad and adds it to the recruitment system.

Application period

The application time should be at least 3 weeks.

Advertising language

The advertisement is normally done in Swedish and English. If good written and spoken English skills are required for the position, it is acceptable to only publish the advertisement in English. This presupposes that Swedish language skills are not needed for the work.

Selection and interview

The eligibility of applicants for a published doctoral position is assessed as follows:

1. The applicants upload documents in the recruitment system Varbi according to instructions in the ad.

2. An administrator at the Central Administration (UF) assesses eligibility. From 1 January 2019, all applicants will have their eligibility assessed, but until then, the following applies:
2.1. When all applicants have been reviewed, the recruitment group selects which candidates are forwarded for eligibility assessment by selecting their setting status as “Till behörighetsbedömning” (For eligibility assessment) in Varbi.
2.2. The HR administrator e-mails the eligibility administrator and informs them that it is time for an assessment along with the recruitment’s reference number.
2.3. The HR administrator is informed when the assessment is done. Status in Varbi has been changed to “obehörig” (ineligible) or “behörig” (eligible).

The eligibility assessment is done in the following way when a position has been exempted from publishing:

1. The supervisor or doctoral student contacts the educational administrator at the department who, in turn, verifies to the Central Administration (UF) that eligibility assessment will take place. Candidates who do not reside in Sweden shall be assessed before arriving.

2. The intended doctoral student receives an e-mail from UF with further instructions about how to upload documents in the recruitment system Varbi. Eligibility is assessed based on the uploaded documents.

3. If the candidate is eligible, a statement regarding this is sent to the candidate and supervisor by e-mail. The e-mail is printed out and enclosed with the admission decision.

Eligibility for doctoral education


When it is clear which candidates are eligible, the selected candidates are invited to interviews. Refer to the interview guide and assessment guide. Read more about how to best do this on our Doctoral recruitment page.


Be careful to document the selection process in a structured way, for example through an assessment matrix. This step should be carried out for all candidates who are interviewed, and forms the final grounds for the choice of candidate presented to the Head of Department.
Read more about documentation under Doctoral recruitment

Eligibility assessment

When a candidate has been selected, the UF administrators are informed of this and upload an eligibility assessment for the person in question. This assessment is printed out and enclosed with the admission decision.

3. Admission decision

Before admission, the form Decision: Admission to doctoral education must be submitted to MedH’s educational administrator, information about required appendices can be found on the form. An admission decision normally also entails a decision regarding employment as a doctoral student.

Admission decisions for doctoral studies are made continuously throughout the year as candidates are selected and recruitments are completed. The Head of Department decides on admission to doctoral studies after a presentation by the Director of Studies.

When the doctoral student has been admitted, an information meeting is scheduled with MedH’s educational administrator. The purpose of the meeting is to inform the doctoral student of routines that apply during their time at KI.

More information about the employment and funding of doctoral students.

For more information about admission as a doctoral student at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge, contact MedH’s educational administrator.


4. Individual study plan

After admission, an individual study plan (ISP) is drawn up in consultation with the doctoral student. An ISP shall describe the academic project, the courses and other learning elements that are planned, and how the doctoral student, within the research field in question and based on this specific project, shall reach the objectives of the doctoral education. Work begins immediately following admission. Within a month of starting the studies, a proposal for an ISP shall be given to the department’s Director of Studies for comment.

The study plan is presented at an ISP seminar, at which the doctoral student presents the research project from their perspective and receives feedback. The unit to which the project belongs is responsible for the ISP seminar, and the seminar should be carried out in the first three months of the doctoral studies. All doctoral students shall have a confirmed ISP no later than three months after starting their studies.

Link to template for individual study plan?

More information about the full admission process at

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