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Dissertation at MedH

For instructions on the application for public defense, or the application for a licentiate degree, see KI's general rules that can be found on the doctoral education website

Deadlines and important dates - the Dissertation Committee

Laying out and printing a thesis

Before application

Before you send the application to the Defence Committee it must be signed by a study director and the head of the department.

A PhD student should contact study administrator Ulrika Markne to get signatures for the application and to book a PhD defence day. The department recommends to have one PhD defence per day.

Advertise your dissertation

When you have decided time, date and location for your dissertation it´s time to announce this at the department. Fill in the form to add the dissertation in the departments calendar (editor: Emma Karlsson.)

The administrator of your unit will help you with practical details:

Unit for Heart-and Lung Diseases 

Unit for Endocrinology Lena Lindberg

Unit for Gastroenterology and Rheumatology (gastroenterology) Annika Roback

Unit for Metabolism Lena Emtestam 

Unit for Infectious Diseases and Dermatology Mary Hyll

Center for Infectious Medicine Margit Ekström

Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine Sri Sahlin

All cources must be done according to an individual study plan. A PhD student must have 800% of activity. If a student has less than 600% a main supervisor should write an e-mail to whom it may concern where it is explained.

After dissertation

A PhD student should submit a protocol (form 11) with all signatures to a study administrator. A study administrator will send information about application for PhD exam to the student.

The PhD student leaves the originals of the documents to be discussed at the seminar three weeks before the seminar