Congratulations to Sofia Björnfot who defended her thesis on December 8th

Published 2017-12-12 11:44. Updated 2017-12-12 11:53
Sofia Björnfot Holmström with Mattias Svensson, supervisor, after her dissertation.

Bild på Sofia och Mattias efter disputation

Sofia Björnfot Holmström with Mattias Svensson, Main supervisor, after her dissertation.  

Congratulations to Sofia Björnfot Holmström at CIM who defended her thesis: The role of monocytes in chronic inflammatory diseases

Sofia's Main supervisor was Mattias Svensson, CIM, and CO-supervisors was Elisabeth Almer Boström and Anders Gustafsson, both from Department of Dental Medicine.

Opponent was Dr. John Taylor, Newcastle University. 

Well done Sofia!