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Seminar: Antonio Bertoletti

2015-03-2515:00 CIM seminar room, F59Karolinska University Hospital, HuddingeCenter for Infectious Medicine

Antonio Bertoletti, MD, will give a seminar with the title: "Cellular Therapies in Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)-related Diseases."

1Program Emerging infectious Diseases, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, 2Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, A*STAR, Singapore

Cancer immunotherapy using a patient’s own T cells redirected to recognize and kill tumor cells has achieved very promising results in metastatic melanoma and leukemia. This technique involves harnessing a patient’s T cells and then delivering a gene that encodes a new T cell receptor or a chimeric antigen receptor that allow the cells to recognize specific cancer antigens. The potential for development of redirected T cell therapy for persistent viral infections like HBV and their associated malignancies has started to be explored by different groups and we recently demonstrated in a first-in-man clinical trial that the adoptive transfer of HBV-specific TCR redirected T cells in a patient with HBsAg-productive hepatocellularcarcinoma (HCC) cause a profound inhibition of HBsAg production. However, adoptive T cell therapy for CHB is still regarded with skepticism because HBV-specific T cells can potentially attack infected hepatocytes that are not cancerous, possibly leading to liver damage. The challenge to design TCR redirected T cells that can cure virally infected cells without damaging the normal liver is open. We will discuss new concepts and methods that might lead to the clinical use of TCR redirected T cells that can specifically target HBV-related HCC or virally infected cells without targeting the normal tissue.

Host: Matti Sällberg


Contact person: Margaret Sällberg Chen