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PhD student seminar: “How to get through your PhD without going insane”

2015-04-0809:30 HERM lecture hall (geriatrics unit), Novum building, level 4Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge

James Hayton will give a special seminar at the Department  of Medicine, Huddinge specifically directed to PhD students.

James Hayton har a PhD in physics but is presently a professional coach, writer and lecturer who focuses on inspiring and mentoring PhD students. His talk will cover many aspects of being a PhD student, including thesis writing.

The seminar should be fun and inspiring for all PhD students irrespective of subject. James has a home page that you can visit to check him out http://jameshaytonphd.com/.

Please send an e-mail to petter.hoglund@ki.se to sign up for the seminar.  

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Contact person: Petter Höglund