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Health-economic modelling of prevention strategies for HPV-related diseases in European countries

The PREHDICT study seeks to determine the prerequisites and strategies for HPV vaccination in European countries and to predict the impact of vaccination on cervical cancer screening programs.

The study is within the seventh framework programme and includes research groups from 9 European institutions: European Cervical Cancer Association, Tampereen Yliopisto, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Institut Scientifique de Sante Publique, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Fundacio Privada Institut D'investigacio Biomedica de Bellvitge, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria San Giovanni Battista di Torino, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine and Karolinska Institutet. At MEB, we are responsible for examining screening program organization, quality, and monitoring and evaluation. Specifically, we aim to identify the key components of organization and evaluation of preventive policies that are required for ensuring that theoretical health gains are realized and estimate the funding required.

Project leader: Lisen Arnheim Dahlström
Main financing: EU

Contact person for the project


Miriam Elfström

Enhet: Avdelningen för patologi