MEB researchers at the Annual Meeting of the Swedish Society of Medicine

Published 2014-12-02 14:17. Updated 2014-12-18 13:47Denna sida på svenska

Several researchers from our department will contribute to the Annual Meeting of the Swedish Society of Medicine - not least Catarina Almqvist Malmros who chairs the organising committee 2014. The meeting takes place on Dec 4-5 in Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre.

Seminar about the Multigeneration Register

Four researchers from MEB participate in a seminar about the Swedish Multigeneration Register (read the scientific description of the register): Niklas Långström will talk about deadly violence within families, Anne Örtqvist and Catarina Almqvist Malmros will talk about their recent paper in the BMJ about antibiotics consumption and risk of asthma. Jonas Ludvigsson chairs the seminar that also includes talks by Anders Ekbom and Gunnar Larfors. The seminar is part of the official programme by the Swedish Society of Pediatrics for which Jonas Ludvigsson is the chairman.

Seminar about individualized prevention and screening of prostate and breast cancer

Henrik Grönberg and Per Hall will present their ongoing work on screening of prostate and breast cancer, where they call for a change. The message is that more lives can be saved if PSA is combined with improved methods of diagnosis and if women with a high risk of breast cancer receive preventive treatment.

Symposium "Psychiatry today"

Mikael Landén has led the so called ”S:t Göranprojektet” where research has been done based on clinical evaluation programs. The project started with bipolar syndroms but is now also used for ADHD and schizophrenia. Examples of new scientific findings from this research encompasses health economy, gender aspects, genetics and neurobiology.  

Simon Kyaga will present the possibility of tailor-made care through patient participation combined with improved diagnostics and treatment based on big data.

Workshop about the medical program

Riitta Möller participates in the workshop "The national goals for the medical program - correctly formulated, correctly weighted and correct consequences?