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MEB Seminar with Charles E. Matthews: "Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior and Health: Unraveling the Relation with Better Measurements"

2015-03-2615:00 to 16:00 Lecture hall Wargentin, Nobels väg 12ACampus Solna

Title: Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior and Health: Unraveling the Relation with Better Measurements

Charles E. Matthews, Ph.D. is a physical activity epidemiologist and Investigator in the Nutritional Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute. Dr. Matthews studies the relationship between physical activity behaviors and the development of cancer in humans. Physical activity behaviors reflect the continuum of human movement that influences energy expenditure and energy balance, and these behaviors range from purely sedentary (e.g., sitting) to physically active pursuits (e.g., light, moderate-vigorous intensity activities). In his etiologic studies, Dr. Matthews’ seeks to understand how the full spectrum of physical activity behaviors influences cancer risk, the dose-response relations between active and sedentary behaviors and cancer, and the biological mechanisms underlying these relationships. In his methodological research, Dr. Matthews is working to develop better methods for measuring physical activity behaviors in population-based studies that may help identify new cancer associations and better define the optimal types and amount of physical activity that are associated with reduced risk. This knowledge is critical to the development of evidence-based public health guidelines for physical activity and cancer prevention and control.

Contact person: Katarina Bälter
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