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MEB seminar: Professor Andrey Rzhetsky

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2018-02-0111:00 to 12:00 Lecture hall Wargentin, Nobels väg 12A, Solna CampusCampus Solna

Title: Complex and simple diseases in time and space, as viewed through US insurance claims
Speaker: Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD, Professor at the Institute of Genomics and Systems Biology, University of Chicago.
Host: Patrick Sullivan

More about the speaker: Andrey Rzhetsky is an Edna K. Papazian Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics, at the University of Chicago. He is also a Pritzker Scholar, and a Senior Fellow of both the Computation Institute, and the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago. His research is focused on computational analysis of complex human phenotypes in context of changes and perturbations of underlying molecular networks.

Research description: Dr. Rzhetsky’s main interest is in an (asymptotic) understanding of how phenotypes, such as human, healthy, diversity, and maladies, are implemented at the level of genes and networks of interacting molecules. To harvest as much information about known molecular interactions as possible, his group runs a large-scale text-mining effort aimed at creating an analysis of a vast corpus of biomedical publications. Currently, this group can extract from text, automatically, about 500 distinct flavors of relations among biomedical entities (such as bind, activate, merystilate, and transport). To sharpen our text-mining axes, they are actively designing related models and computational applications. Furthermore, in cooperation with their experimentally talented colleagues, the Rzhetsky Lab is striving to use text-mined networks to understand, interpret, and refine high- or low-throughput experimental data.

Contact person: Anna Kähler