Undergraduate Education

The department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB) is teaching for students of several different programmes of Karolinska Institutet.

In First-cycle education (undergraduate level) the department is involved in teaching within three programmes; Biomedicine, Dentistry and Medicine. In Second-cycle education (graduate level) the department teaches in the Master programme in Biomedicine. Altogether teachers from MBB are active in eight major courses within these four programmes and more than 100 doctoral students, post docs, researchers and faculty from MBB are active in our teaching. We also provide course laboratories to enable experimental studies within all educational programmes of Karolinska Institutet.

Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine

Bachelor´s Programme in Biomedicine

MBB is responsible for the courses; Introduction to Biomedical Science, General and Organic Chemistry (both semester 1), Medical Biochemistry (semester 2).

Introduction to Biomedical Science; IBS
General and Organic Chemistry; GOC
Medical Biochemistry; MBC



MBB is responsible for the course Chemistry of the Human Body (semester 1).

Chemistry of the human body; TDL


Study Programme in Medicine

MBB is responsible for the course The Healthy Human 1 (semester 1) and teachers from MBB are also involved in the course The Healthy Human 2 (semester 2) and Integrated preparatory examination (semester 4).

The Healthy Human 1; DFM1/L1
The Healthy Human 2; DFM2/L2

Master's Programme in Biomedicine

Master's Programme in Biomedicine

MBB is responsible for the course Bioinformatics (semester 2).

Bioinformatics; BIO


Victoria BalabanovaAdministrator
Tomas BergmanProfessor
Susie BjörkholmEducational administrator
Aristi FernandesAssociated
Jan-Olov HöögProfessor
Åke RökaeusSenior lecturer