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22 February, 2018

Possible new principle for cancer therapy

6 February, 2018

Asthma drug potential treatment for aortic aneurysm

22 January, 2018

Postnatal neurogenesis in region of hippocampus mapped on single-cell level

18 January, 2018

New way to target the growth of breast cancer cells

14 December, 2017

Joanna Rorbach one of three new Wallenberg Academy Fellows at KI

12 December, 2017

Rikard Holmdahl granted nearly SEK 20 million by The Swedish Research Council

7 December, 2017

Alcohol-abuse drug Antabuse kills cancer cells

Distinguished Professor Grants to five KI researchers

30 November, 2017

Nicola Crosetto awarded StratCan Senior Researcher position

21 November, 2017

The fourth allocation of faculty funded career positions (2017)

16 November, 2017

Mapping biological functions of NUDIX enzymes

The Swedish Cancer Society grants KI researchers SEK 180 million

7 November, 2017

Lars Jakobsson, new Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Swedish Research Council grants nearly SEK 25 million to MBB researchers

2 November, 2017

Science becomes art

20 October, 2017

SEK 15 million in project funding from the Erling-Persson Foundation

17 October, 2017

Facebook founder supports research at Karolinska Institutet

3 October, 2017

3D microscopy gives more accurate cancer diagnosis

29 September, 2017

Four KAW project grants to KI

19 September, 2017

Two new core facilities at MBB

29 August, 2017

Carina Hammarström new head of administration at MBB

30 June, 2017

Erik K Fernström prize awarded to cancer researcher Óscar Fernandez-Capetillo

26 June, 2017

SEK 138 million in grants to systems biology research

16 June, 2017

Sten Linnarsson elected to the EMBO

14 June, 2017

Kajsa Wing receives Crafoord Prize research grant

12/13 June, 2017

Symposium: High Throughput Biology 2017 Symposium

7 June, 2017

New possible target for cancer treatment

2 June, 2017

Unexpected mechanism behind chronic nerve pain

24 May, 2017

New BLISS technique – one step closer to genome editing in living organisms

23 May, 2017

New findings on formation and malformation of blood vessels

16 May, 2017

Secret lives of cells

Cells are the basic building materials for all living things. But much of the lives of cells are still unknown and unexplored. More knowledge about cells will be of great use in many areas. Film by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, featuring Sten Linnarsson, MBB, among others.

5 May, 2017

Scientists reveal how epigenetic changes in DNA are interpreted

11 April, 2017

Conversion of brain cells offers hope for Parkinson’s patients

4 April 2017

Postdoctoral position from The Swedish Cancer Society

Bennie Lemmens in Jiri Bartek’s research group, has received a grant for a 3-year postdoctoral position from The Swedish Cancer Society. His project "Defining molecular drivers and vulnerabilities of KRAS-induced cancer evolution" was the highest ranked project out of 46 applicants

24 March, 2017

Professor Patrik Ernfors was on of three researchers at KI that was awarded the ERC Advanced Grant 2016 from the European Research Council

8 February, 2017

Serious kidney disease can be retarded, according to a recent study where Professor Ulf Eriksson and his research group contributed work

Professor Molly Stevens is involved in a research project that was awarded with 100 million SEK by the Foundation for Strategic Research

19 January, 2017

Professor Rikard Holmdahl has been elected as one of six new members of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

12 December, 2016

Associate Professor Björn Högberg was awarded the ERC Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council

28 October, 2016

Assistant professors Katja Petzold and Simon Elsässer are receivers of the Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagberg Prize for 2016

19 October, 2016

Assistant professor Magda Bienko, Assistant professor Simon Elsässer and Assistant Professor Nicola Crosetto have been awarded the Ragnar Söderberg Fellowship in Medicine for 2016

7 October, 2016

Two research teams, led by Professor Sten Linnarsson and Professor Ernest Arenas, have identified the dopamine-producing cells in the midbrain of mice and humans

5 October, 2016

Professor Patrik Ernfors, Assistant Professor Katja Petzold and Professor Nils-Göran Larsson received grants from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

19 September, 2016

Alessandro Furlan, doctoral student has received the Dimitris N. Chorafas Prize 2016 for his thesis "Neuronal types and their specification dynamics in the autonomic nervous system"

8 September, 2016

Assistant professor Magda Bienko, Assistant professor Simon Elsässer and Senior researcher Anna Wredenberg has received Starting Grants from ERC