For staff at MBB

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Information for staff at MBB.

  • Booking system for MBB’s lecture and meeting rooms at Scheele’s väg 2, 3rd floor. If you need access to the booking system, please contact Chad Tunell.
  • The PA web is used for application regarding care of sick children, leave of absence and specification of salary. Employees that do not have standard vacation (technical personal) can apply for vacation in the PA web.
  • To get help with updates of the MBB website, please contact Tabea Kemna.


HR coordinator

Lina Rowland

Phone: +46-(0)73-650 97 51
Organizational unit: Administration and service


Anneli Svarén

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 876 44
Organizational unit: Administration and service

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We can help you with:

  • Manager and employee support (that covers employees, scholarships holders, guest researchers etc.)
  • Labor law
  • Employment and contracts (for employees, not scholarships)
  • Recruitment, hiring and staffing
  • Introduction and termination
  • Redundancy and adaption
  • Competence maintenance
  • Performance management dialog
  • Salaries: statistics, yearly salary review, negotiations with union
  • Payments
  • Sick leave and rehabilitation planning 
  • Leave: leave of absence, vacation, parental leave etc.
  • Insurance
  • Working environment; social and organizational working environment, code of conduct
  • Health promotion and occupational health care - Previa
  • Equal treatment
  • KIMKAT administration, KI email accounts and associations
  • Primula web
  • Access cards to the MBB buildings.

Information about your employment

KI employee benefits

  • KI offers employees and scholarship-funded doctoral and postdoctoral students telephone counselling. The support includes both work-related and private matters, for example relationship problems, legal matters or personal finances. You are entitled to up to three counselling calls per case/situation. The number is 0200 - 21 63 00. There is also a web-app which you can download to your mobile phone.
  • KI health promotion includes e.g. group training classes, events, health promotion reimbursement and health promotion hour.