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MBB seminar: Birthe Meineke and Banushree Kumar

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2018-12-1112:00 Biomedicum 2, floor 3, Solnavägen 9Campus SolnaBiomedicum

MBB seminar with two short talks from the Elsässer research group.

Speakers and titles: 

  • Birthe Meineke - "Expanding the genetic code toolbox in mammalian cells" 
  • Banushree Kumar - "Unrestrained Polycomb activity in ground state mouse embryonic stem cells

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer free sandwiches at this seminar, as we did previously. However, hopefully the organizational issues we are experiencing will be solved soon. For the time being, we hope the exciting science that is always presented is incentive enough for you to carry on attending the seminars.

Contact person: Annina Steinbach
Stem cells