Lectures and seminars

MBB Seminar: Ana Teixeira - Mechanotransduction in cell-to-cell communication

2015-02-2412:00 to 13:00 Large seminar room (in A3:3), Scheele laboratory, Scheeles väg 2Campus Solna

We combine materials science and biophysics principles with cell biology and medicine to understand how cells interact with their microenvironment. Cells communicate with other cells in multicellular organisms to coordinate their activities into functional tissues, organs and organisms. Dysregulation of this coordination is at the root of many diseases, including cancer and metabolic diseases. We are shedding new light on the mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication through short- and long-range interactions. In particular, we are interested in addressing the how biophysical signals regulate cellular responses in cancer, development and regeneration.

Contact person: Goncalo Castelo-Branco