Lectures and seminars

Internal lunch seminar: Kajsa Wing & Fatima Memic

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2017-05-0912:00 Large seminar room (in A3:311), Scheele laboratory, Scheeles väg 2. Campus Solna

Internal lunch seminar at MBB.

“CTLA-4 on Foxp3+ Treg cells prevents inflammatory tissue attack and not T cell priming in arthritis”

Senior researcher

Kajsa Wing

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 877 15
Organizational unit: Kajsa Wing group
E-mail: Kajsa.Wing@ki.se

“Sox6 in gastric dopaminergic neurons”

Research assistant

Fatima Memic

Organizational unit: Jens Hjerling Lefflers group
E-mail: fatima.memic@ki.se

Contact person: Elisa Floriddia