Lectures and seminars

Flavors of NMR - what can NMR do?

2014-11-2412:00 to 17:00 Samuelssonsalen, Tomtebodavägen 6Campus Solna

Talks to introduce NMR and its application to medical research.


11.30   Sandwiches
12.00   Prof. Lena Mäler, Stockholm University
    “NMR studies of biological membranes: the lipid view”
12.30   Prof. Istvan Furo, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan  ­‐ KTH
    Where are they and where do they go? NMR for measuring molecular transport”
13.00   Prof. Göran Widmalm, Stockholm University 
    “NMR of glycoconjugates and their interaction with proteins”
13.30   Prof. Göran Karlsson, Göteborg University, Swedish NMR center
    “From molecule to man”
14.00   Coffee break
14.30   Dr. Tatjana Agback, Medivir
    “Metabolites structure elucidation. Why NMR? Problems and solutions”
15.00   Assoc. Prof. Patrik Lundström, Linköping University
    “Seeing the invisible”
15.30   Prof. Corine Sandström, Sveriges Landtbruksuniversitet – SLU
    “Functional analysis of glycosaminoglycan sulfatases from gut bacterium”
16.00   Prof. Mattias Edén, Stockholm University
    “ Structure and surface reactions of bioactive glasses: What can we learn from solid-­‐state NMR?”
16.30   Assist. Prof. Katja Petzold, KI
    “Dancing RNA and drunken lipids”
17.00   Mingle & Inauguration of new NMR @ SciLifeLab

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Contact person: Katja Petzold