Lectures and seminars

External MBB Seminar: Carla Bosia

2016-05-1912:00 Large seminar room (in A3:3), Scheele laboratory, Scheeles väg 2Campus Solna

Speaker: Carla Bosia, Co-Priniciple Investigator @ Human Genetics Foundation (Torino, Italy)

Title“RNAs competing for microRNAs mutually influence their fluctuations in a microRNA-dependent manner”

Abstract: Distinct RNA species may compete for binding microRNAs, a class of small non-coding transcripts involved in post-transcriptional downregulation. This competition creates an indirect interaction between microRNA targets that behave as microRNA sponges and eventually influence each other expression levels. Theoretical predictions suggest that not only the mean target expression levels but also the fluctuations around the means are coupled through microRNAs, potentially resulting in even more striking effects on a broad range of cellular processes. With an experimental design based on two bidirectional plasmids and flow cytometry measurements of cotransfected mammalian cells, we validated a stochastic gene interaction model that describes how mRNAs can influence each other’s fluctuations in a microRNA-dependent manner in single cells. We show that microRNA-target correlations eventually lead either to bimodal cell population distributions with high and low target expression states or to targets that fluctuate synchronously if a maximum of the correlation exists. We found that there is an optimal range of conditions for the onset of crossregulation compatible with 10-1000 copies of targets per cell.

Contact person: Katja Petzold