Lectures and seminars

External MBB Seminar: Alan Chan

2016-05-3012:00 Samuelssonsalen (in A2), Scheele laboratory, Scheeles väg 2Campus Solna

Speaker: Alan Chan (Assistant Professor @ SUNY Albany, Department of Chemistry and the RNA Institute, Albany, NY, USA)

Title: "Expanding on Nature's Toolkit: Using Atomistic Simulations to understand the role of modified RNAs in Nature and Biotechnology"

Abstract: In recent work in our lab, we have created thermodynamically accurate RNA models capable of folding small RNAs using molecular dynamics simulations, calibrated against both high-level quantum calculations and solution thermodynamic experiments. Using this technology, we are successfully able to simulate RNA folding and dynamics of small RNAs, including the effects of incorporating modified RNAs. I will give some examples of how we are applying this technology to decipher how naturally occuring RNA modifications function as well as how to exploit selective use of modified RNAs for biotechnologal applications.

More information under: http://chen-rnalab.net

Contact person: Katja Petzold