Value Based Health Care

The group studies value based health care, with a particular focus on the study of design, implementation and evaluation of value based reimbursement systems in health care.

The main objective for all health care systems is to maximize the health for the covered population with the limited resources available. In most OECD countries, health care spending is growing faster than GDP which is unsustainable over time. The increase in costs can be explained by the introduction of novel and more expensive treatment options and by demographic factors such as an ageing population. At the same time, major variances between countries, regions and providers both in terms of costs and health outcomes can be observed. This implies that there is potential to increase both efficiencies and quality in the health care sector.

One proposed explanation to why health care has not seen the same productivity and quality improvements as in other sectors is that health care by tradition is organized around medical specialties and not around specific diseases and interventions and that payment has been tied to activities rather than treatment outcomes. This has made it difficult for health care providers to coordinate and continuously improve their processes to achieve the best health outcomes with the lowest possible resource utilization. Studies have shown that the design of reimbursement systems affects how care is organized and delivered.

Our research group studies issues related to this with a particular focus on episode payment. In such reimbursement systems, providers are paid a bundled price for all or at least large parts of the care process. Episode based payment are more complex than other reimbursement systems, but research has shown that they can create a better ground for improving value in health care systems compared to other payment models in use today.

Ongoing projects

  • Evaluation of OrthoChoice: Episode based reimbursement for hip and knee surgery
  • Nationwide collaboration on the development of value based bundle payment systems.

Research Group Members

The research group is lead by Peter Lindgren, PhD and Isis Amer Wåhlin, PhD


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