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UME Educational Activities

Educational Development at KI

UME strives to support the different undergraduate programs and departments at Karolinska Institutet in their educational quality development efforts. This is carried out through individual consultancy, where educational developers from UME are asked to collaborate with departments or programs and courses designed to fulfil the learning outcomes needed for a specific target group. Additionally UME provides workshops in areas that are specifically emphasised, for example on the development of assessments and educational philosophy. Seminar series targeted to specific groups are also available.

The board of Education at KI often gives UME the task to support processes, or generate reports on specific projects of quality enhancement. An example being the design and report on the implementation of a new teaching portfolio at KI.

Educational Support

UME offers educational consultation and expertise in different forms. The following three scenarios are examples of when you can contact UME for consultation:

  1. In your programnämnd or in a project group. Educational questions arise and you want to be enlightened concerning a specific issue. Contact us and we can take part in one or several meetings.
  2. Within your community of practice, at the department or an educational program. A specific issue, eg. how to develop existing forms of assessment, how to work with peer learning or feedback. Contact us and we can design a workshop specifically for you at a time that suits you.
  3. You gather a large amount of educators and perhaps also students and want to know more about the research within a specific area such as: how to promote high quality learning among students, clinical supervision or virtual patients in education. Contact us and we can organise a lecture.

For more information concerning costs for these, see attachment.

Medical Education Guides and Reports

The Unit for Medical Education (UME) has designed guides for support when courses are to be planned and goals for the course are to be set up on the basis of the basic goals.

The Medical Education guides and reports are available on the KI Education Portal.

Courses in Pedagogy

One of UME's main tasks is to support educators at Karolinska Institutet by arranging courses in education, seminars, workshops and acting as consultants. UME offers courses in education for teachers, supervisors and researchers who are looking to develop professionally. Our courses are also intended for those applying for posts as Associate Professor. Read more about our courses in education here.