This toolbox contains tools to awaken and stimulate your own and others creativity, find new perspectives and collaborate with others. The content and format has been shaped through many years of work entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning at UBE. The toolbox is a product of two recent projects: KI 2.0 and KI 2.1, both financially supported (partly) by Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth).

Welcome to the toolbox

The KI 2.0 projects kicked off in 2011 and focused on implementing elements of entrepreneurship in the undergraduate programmes at Karolinska Institutet. The project ended in 2014. KI 2.1 was carried out between 2014 and 2015 and focused on continuing the implementation of entrepreneurship.

The text in the actual toolbox gives you more information about the process used to create the toolbox and content. Some tools were invented by us, some already exist. With the Design Thinking process as a starting point, you will find tools that will help you discover, define, develop and deliver ideas, results, products or perhaps services. We imagine that the user (that would be you), is a teacher, a student, perhaps a project manager, a researcher or maybe a PhD student. You might also be an administrator, a boss or something completely different. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are. As long as you find the tools useful and helpful when generating new ideas, you are welcome to use them. Use the tools in a way that feels meaningful and creates value for you. You may copy, adapt, transform and change the material as long as you respect the Creative Commons license protecting it: link

You can download each tool and worksheet separately, or the whole toolbox here. The toolbox is also available in Swedish and can be ordered from the Communications and Public Relations Office at Karolinska Institutet. Please look at the tabs in the menu on this page.

The toolbox

Here you can find the toolbox in pdf format and there are links in the material that are clickable. The material is not interactive in the sense that you can work in it online, but you can read the text or project it on a screen.

Toolbox online

Below you will find each tool separately, with attached worksheets in pdf. As an example, when you click on tool number 7 (”Find your dream job”), there is a worksheet in the same file.

The tools

1. Get tangled up
2. Strengths lie in our differences
3. Circular creativity
4. Analyze this
5. Buzzing bees
6. Make your brain rain
7. Find your dream job
8. Rummage around the room
9. Zoom in, zoom out
10. ”What if”
11. Reverse thinking
12. Many minds, many solutions
13. Get things done

Order the printed version here

The printed version of the book is only available in Swedish at the moment. You can order it here.

If you have questions, comments, want a signed copy or if you want to discuss the material with us, you can find us here:

Max Kleijberg

PhD student