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The Networked Learning Landscape: Aligning Physical Learning Environments with Curriculum

Curriculum changes rapidly of several, i.e:

  • Health care is in constant change
  • New learning technologies
  • New research on learning

How often are physical learning environments a part of curriculum development? We have in our previous work used the metaphor of making software and hardware compatible. You simply cannot run any of today’s applications on an old mobile phone.

Unfortunately many health professional schools around the world still use physical learning spaces, developed for other curricula models often based on monologue and teacher centeredness, with “new” active, learner-centered curriculum; “hardware” is not compatible with “new software”.

How well suited are clinical learning environments for contemporary curriculum models?

Karolinska Institutet initiated the project “Future Learning Environments” in 2009 to realign our physical learning spaces with contemporary curriculum. We have since 2009:

  • Redeveloped over 100 classrooms
  • Redeveloped more than 15 informal environment
  • Developed clinical and non-clinical learning spaces at the New Karolinska University Hospital
  • Developed the new learning environments at the Biomedicum laboratory
  • Developed the new learning environments Neo laboratory