Selected publications and reports from Division of Innovative Care Research

Sensations, symptoms, and then what? Early bodily experiences prior to diagnosis of lung cancer
Bernhardson Bm, Tishelman C, Rasmussen Bh, Hajdarevic S, Malmström M, Overgaard Hasle Tl, Locock L, Eriksson Le PloS one 2021;16(3):e0249114-

Towards a new understanding of HIV-related stigma in the era of efficient treatment- A qualitative reconceptualization of existing theoryReinius M, Andersson Gz, Svedhem V, Wettergren L, Wiklander M, Eriksson Le
JOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING 2021;77(5):2472-2480

Longitudinal trends and determinants of patient-reported side effects on ART-a Swedish national registry study
Mellgren Å, Eriksson Le, Reinius M, Marrone G, Svedhem V
PloS one 2020;15(12):e0242710-

Stigma reduction interventions in people living with HIV to improve health-related quality of life
Andersson Gz, Reinius M, Eriksson Le, Svedhem V, Esfahani Fm, Deuba K, Rao D, Lyatuu Gw, Giovenco D, Ekström Am
The lancet. HIV 2020;7(2):e129-e140

Developing and using a structured, conversation-based intervention for clarifying values and preferences for end-of-life in the advance care planning-naïve Swedish context: Action research within the DöBra research program.
Tishelman C, Eneslätt M, Menkin E, Lindqvist O
Death Stud 2019 Dec;():1-13

Beyond viral suppression: the quality of life of people living with HIV in Sweden.
Zeluf-Andersson G, Eriksson LE, Schönnesson LN, Höijer J, Månehall P, Ekström AM
AIDS Care 2019 Apr;31(4):403-412

The Relationship Between Stigma and Health-Related Quality of Life in People Living with HIV Who Have Full Access to Antiretroviral Treatment: An Assessment of Earnshaw and Chaudoir's HIV Stigma Framework Using Empirical Data.
Reinius M, Wiklander M, Wettergren L, Svedhem V, Eriksson LE
AIDS Behav 2018 Dec;22(12):3795-3806

It is important that the process goes quickly, isn't it?" A qualitative multi-country study of colorectal or lung cancer patients' narratives of the timeliness of diagnosis and quality of care.
Malmström M, Rasmussen BH, Bernhardson BM, Hajdarevic S, Eriksson LE, Andersen RS, et al
Eur J Oncol Nurs 2018 Jun;34():82-88

Patients' initial steps to cancer diagnosis in Denmark, England and Sweden: what can a qualitative, cross-country comparison of narrative interviews tell us about potentially modifiable factors?
MacArtney J, Malmström M, Overgaard Nielsen T, Evans J, Bernhardson BM, Hajdarevic S, et al
BMJ Open 2017 Nov;7(11):e018210

Beyond the visual and verbal: Using participant-produced photographs in research on the surroundings for care at the end-of-life.
Tishelman C, Lindqvist O, Hajdarevic S, Rasmussen BH, Goliath I
Soc Sci Med 2016 11;168():120-129

Going public: reflections on developing the DöBra research program for health-promoting palliative care in Sweden.
Lindqvist O, Tishelman C
Prog Palliat Care 2016 Jan;24(1):19-24

A longitudinal study of changing characteristics of self-reported taste and smell alterations in patients treated for lung cancer.
Belqaid K, Tishelman C, McGreevy J, Månsson-Brahme E, Orrevall Y, Wismer W, et al
Eur J Oncol Nurs 2016 Apr;21():232-41

Room for Death--International museum-visitors' preferences regarding the end of their life.
Lindqvist O, Tishelman C
Soc Sci Med 2015 Aug;139():1-8

Opening the doors a crack wider: palliative care research data in the public domain.
Lindqvist O, Rasmussen BH, Fürst CJ, Tishelman C,
BMJ Support Palliat Care 2016 Mar;6(1):113-5