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P2I Care

P2I Care is a network initiated at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. Our objective is to improve the quality of life of chronic ill patients by developing new tools that enhance the coordinated action of the individual patient, professional care provider and the information they exchange – the P2I System. In this way, we work towards a new norm of care service delivery and health improvement.


Personal observations as a tool for improvements in chronic disease

Sara’s project is aimed towards strengthening people with chronic diseases to be more active in their selfcare, thereby enabling them to take more responsibility in health-related issues and potentially improve their own health. The project is working with a platform for connecting individually selected tools (smartphone apps, devices etc) for capturing, managing, visualising and analyzing individual health observations.


Sara Riggare

Enhet: Centrum för Hälsoinformatik (HIC)

Value Based Health Care

The project is about finding patient centered ways of measuring care in Rheumatoid Arthritis, and to develop models to increase patient participation in health care. The project also studies underlying assumptions in Value Based Health Care.


David Ebbevi

Enhet: Socialmedicin

Patient Knowledge

Patient knowledge is part of the VINNOVA “Challenge-driven Innovation” program. The aim is to develop decision-support tools over the internet that provide patients with their personal data from clinical and research databases in order to promote self-management of their health and disease.

Coaching healthcare improvement teams

Coaching healthcare improvement teams aims to support improvement work at the clinical level through the development of the healthcare providers understanding and skills of how to achieve continuous improvement their own organization. Coaching also aims to support improvement work with tools and methods to strengthen opportunities for continuous improvement in the workplace.

Coaching is based on the breakthrough methodology, taking into account the common challenges associated with improvements such as infrastructure and culture that supports improvement, access to continuous and reliable data, and commitment among healthcare workers in all stages of improvement.

Coaching healthcare improvement teams is based on a three-step model for coaching that have been developed by researchers from The Dartmouth Institute. In 2013 , the method has been applied to the link between quality registers and improvement, read more about the 17 teams that worked on this on QRCs web.


Helena Hvitfeldt

Enhet: Institutionen för lärande, informatik, management och etik (LIME), C7

Research group members

Research group leader

Research group members

Olivia ErnstssonDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Emelie HeintzAnknuten
Helena HvitfeldtAnknuten
Susanna LagerstenEnhetschef
Teresa TaelProjektsamordnare
Helena TjärnbergAdministratör