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Sofia Ernestam is MD and affiliated researcher to the Action through Information Management (AIM) research group at LIME. She is also project manager of 4D Artriter, a joint programme between KI and SLL (Stockholm County Council) who won this year’s MedTech Awards. She is shown in the photo along with Dan Lind (to the left), project leader of 4D IT. Martin Williamson former project manager of the service Patientens egen provtagning, PEP (also a MedTech Award winner) is found in the middle.

The jury’s motivation:

No one knows a condition or disease better than the patient who is living with it. But to have a dialogue on equal terms with a doctor, based on reliable values and test results, the patient needs access to the data. In this case, academics with a great understanding of the reality of the chronic patient have developed a tool in collaboration with the care consumers. This will enable the patient group to have real power once the tool is available on existing and well-established platforms.

This year’s MedTech Patientmakt Award goes to and Patientens egen provhantering.

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