New doctoral student at CHE

Welcome Antoinette Lundahl, new doctoral student at CHE.


What is your doctoral project about?
-The title of the project is: “On the ethical justifiability of treating patients with borderline personality disorder under compulsory care, and the motives therefore”. Patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are overly represented when it comes to inpatient compulsory care, sometimes with lengthy hospital stays. The reason for this is often suicidal behaviour, which is chronically fluctuating with these patients. However, the gathered clinical experience has shown uncertain or negative effects of inpatient care of BPD patients, with no proven suicide-preventive results. Also, there is little consensus among psychiatrists on how to treat these patients, entailing that BPD patients can be treated very differently depending on which clinician they are treated by. In my project, I want to investigate psychiatrists’ motives for compulsory detaining BPD patients, and also conduct normative analyses on compulsory care of these patients.

What studies have you planned for?
-We have already published a study with semi-structured interviews with psychiatrists in Stockholm. Now we are working with some questionnaire studies, one of which includes how subconscious psychological mechanisms (such as hidden prejudice) can affect psychiatrists’ clinical decisions on compulsory care. Some normative studies are also planned.

What is going on right now?
-Quite a lot! Together with my team, I am analysing the results from our most recent questionnaire study. I have also recently submitted a normative article, which is now under review. Additionally, in December I conducted a small sub-study with questionnaires to mental health staff working at wards with BPD patients, and the results are now under compilation. I am also in progress of writing an article with the results from one of our questionnaire studies.

What are your expectations from being a PhD student at CHE?
-I am looking forward to developing my critical thinking, research skills and knowledge on my subject. Fortunately, I am working with very competent, friendly and supportive people in my research team, so I have a good feeling about achieving these goals.