Methodology & Impact

The research programme is conducted in two phases.


We study:

  1. the implementation of the five patient-driven co-care innovations and the development of patient-valued outcome measures
  2. the impact of the co-care innovations on clinical practice, care organization and patient-valued outcomes, the spread and scaling up of the innovations

Multiple research designs (e.g. comparative case studies, participatory workshops, adaptive intervention design) will be used.


The programme generates knowledge that enables people with long-term illness, their informal caregivers and formal healthcare providers to effectively engage in co-care.

This is urgent since two of today’s pressing health care challenges are the management of long-term illness and the lack of patient centeredness in health services.

By evaluating co-care approaches this programme will contribute to society by accelerating the implementation of co-care, thereby producing both knowledge and improved care that will reduce patient suffering as well as costs of healthcare.