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Master theses written at HIC

Please scroll for master theses in alphabetical order according to titles:


A case study to investigate the feasibility of supporting radiotherapy workflows through the use of mobile devices

A Comparative Analysis of HL7 FHIR and openEHR for Electronic Aggregation, Exchange and Reuse of Patient Data in Acute Care

Användarcentrerad utveckling - Design av rehabiliteringshjälpmedel för strokepatienter

Applying openEHR and GDL for streamlining the process between screening and reporting to quality registries – the case of familial hypercholesterolemia

Assessing for interoperability between electronic health information systems using a predictive, probabilistic interoperability model: A case study


Big Metadata: A study of Resource Description Framework (RDF) technologies to enable machine-interpretable metadata in biomedical science


Choosing and visualizing waiting time indicators in diagnostic medical imaging department for different purposes and audiences

Comparing experiences of neonatal information provision between parents of extremely premature babies and neonatal nurses


Dealing with existing data in legacy systems when transitioning between Electronic Health Records in three Swedish counties

Design and development of a decision support system for screening of Lynch syndrome using openEHR

Designing a Web-based Personal Health Record System for Liver Transplant Care from Healthcare Professionals’ Perspectives

Designing an e-service for stroke patients. How can visualization support the management of the individual care process?

Designing patient education with distance learning, A design-based study on the needs and requirements of type 2 diabetes patients for an online learning environment

Developing Mobile Healthcare Apps to Meet User Needs: Integrating Lean User Experience into Agile Software Development Processes


Effective authentication for acute healthcare: Acute healthcare professionals’ experiences of working with current methods of authentication in computer systems

Evaluation of feasibility of openEHR and Guideline Definition Language for automatic data transfer between electronic health records and the Auricula quality registry for Atrial fibrillation

Evaluation of medication-related clinical decision support using user interface design principles: A qualitative study of Sfinx and NjuRen

Evaluation of the Guideline Definition Language (GDL) in the clinical area of severe sepsis and septic shock

Exploring of stroke survivors’ information needs for an Information and Communication Technology based home stroke rehabilitation plan to facilitate self-care

Exploring the feasibility of secondary use of patients’ clinical-data for clinical research: Mapping of researchers’ clinical-data needs with care providers’ account on documented clinical-data in existing information systems at Karolinska Hospital

Exploring views and attitudes towards using quantified self-tools of children with Down syndrome and their families in Sweden


Impact of formative evaluations in small-scale implementations of structured documentation templates - a case study at a health care facility in Stockholm

Integration of Data with Quality Registries using Semantic EHR and CDS Technologies: A case study of the quality registry Senior Alert in Sweden

Integration of Patient Information to Support Antibiotic Prescribing at a Burn Intensive Care Unit

Investigating needs and barriers in developing eHealth tools supporting self-management of people with Sickle Cell Disease

Investigation of models for the integration of patient generated health data within Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Quality Register


Läkemedelsfel i vårdens övergångar - ett patientsäkerhetsproblem. En fallstudie på en intensivvårdsavdelning


Mapping acute coronary syndrome registries to SNOMED CT: A comparative study between Malaysia and Sweden

Mobile health care apps for patients in Sweden and Singapore: What do physicians recommend?


Prioritization of actions needed to develop the IT skills competence among healthcare workforce


Re-engineering of a clinical decision support system for improving presentation and use of clinical information in a Swedish healthcare setting

Robustness of disease association measures and network structure in an evolving synthetic cohort


Small-scale implementation of structured documentation – A case study of user experience and implementation approach


Towards Formalized Models of Patients’ History Taking


Usability Evaluation of Infobiotika. An exploratory usability investigation of a visualization support to provide a patient overview at antibiotic use in intensive care unit

User-Centered Design of a computerized HRQoL questionnaire, Qualitative analysis of user needs and prototype evaluation

User requirements for an electronic medical records system for a cancer hospital in Uganda


Visualisering som stöd för beslutsfattandet: Optimering av antibiotikaanvändning på brännskadeintensiven

Visualization of Chronic Diseases Overview in Electronic Health Records, Qualitative study of Physicians’ Requirements

Vital signs in Swedish emergency departments: Qualitative analysis of factors influencing data quality