Leadership, evaluation and organisational development (LEAD)

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Leadership, evaluation and organisational development (LEAD) research group studies and evaluates leadership, team and organisational development in health care.

The LEAD research group study how health care in different hierarchical levels is being managed and lead. We also conduct research on and evaluate national investments and efforts, and local development and improvement programs. All research is being performed in close collaboration with the health care actors.

By developing theory and method we strive to contribute to extended knowledge on the importance of management and leadership for improved health care quality, work environment and use of resources. Our research permeates our education on undergraduate, advanced and on research level. 

Research group leader

Senior researcher

Kristina Palm

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 836 71
Organizational unit: MMC/LEAD
E-mail: kristina.palm@ki.se

Research group members

David BergmanSenior researcher
Helena GustafssonPhD student
Charlotte KlingaPhD student
Ellen KuhlmannAssociated
Hannele MoisioLecturer
Kristina PalmSenior researcher
Christer SandahlProfessor, senior
Teresa SöderhjelmPhD student, Graduate Student
Håkan UvhagenPhD student
Mia von KnorringSenior researcher


  • Professor Marcus Lindahl at Department of Engineering Sciences, Industrial Engineering & Management at Uppsala University, in research on projects as workplace.
  • PhD in economics Agneta Planander at Department of Service Management and Service Studies, Lund University, in research on the effects of information and communication technology on first line managers work situation.
  • Henna Hasson and von Thiele Schwarz, and the Intervention processes and outcomes research group (PROCOME) who focuses on research on effects and implementation of innovative improvement programs in different type of organizations, with specific focus on health and social care. Ulrica and Henna are supervisors to several of the PhD students of LEAD.
  • Klara Bolander-Laksov, UME, KI and Stockholm University in research on academic leadership.
  • Susanne Tafvelin, Umeå University and KI is co-supervisor for PhD student Karin Villaume.
  • Professor Marianne Döös and professor Magnus Sverke at Stockholm University, Mats Tyrstrup at Stockholm Business School, Professor Mats Ericsson at KTH through the Stockholm Academic Leadership collegium that arrange seminars on leadership and a PhD course on leadership research. Within the PhD course we also collaborate with Sophie Linghag, Karlstad University and KTH, Lucia Crevani, Mälardalens University and Professor Gerry Larsson, National defense collage.
  • Examples of other partner organisations: SLSO, Astrid Lindgrens Childrens hospital, Ericsson, Sandvik, Elekta, Scania, Akademibokhandeln, Malmö Aviation, Helsingborgs Dagblad. 
  • Associate professor Christina Björklund PA/HR Karolinska Institutet.
  • Associate professor Dan Hasson at Stress research Institute, Stockholm University.
  • Professor Gerry Larsson and colleagues at National defense collage.
  • Professor Per Odenrick and colleagues at Lund University.
  • Professor Erik Skärbäck, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in Alnarp.
  • Senior professors Marie Åsberg and Åke Nygren, KI DS

Current projects

  • Effects of leadership development in health care
  • Interventions to improve communication skills and inter-professional collaboration in health care
  • Backstage groups for first line managers
  • Backstage groups (peer groups) for post docs, and for doctoral students
  • Management team developments     
  • Understanding the role of first line nurse manager
  • Lean, teamwork and stress
  • Inter organisational collaboration in social care
  • Managerial leadership in health care and managers’ personality characteristics
  • Focused group therapy as a treatment modality in primary care, occupational health care and psychiatry
  • Organisational aspects of psychological treatment of depression in primary care
  • Design and evaluation of organized support for health care workers after critical incidents
  • Process evaluation of a large-scale leadership development programme in a Swedish university hospital
  • Understanding the role of senior management in health care
  • Development of academic leadership
  • Project as workplace for project managers
  • The effects of information and communication technology on first line managers work situation
  • Evaluation of the development of academic primary health care networks
  • Studies of collaborative models for municipal and county-driven psychiatry 
  • Evaluation of the national investment in Swedish quality registries
  • Studies on dynamic effectiveness within the Swedish health care system
  • Studies on team collaboration in palliative care
  • Collaboration between schools, municipalities and county council and professionals’ understanding of what influences collaboration concerning children and youth in need of psychosocial support
  • Is teamwork the key to a better work environment for physicians in health care?

Latest publications

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AFA Insurance, Vinnvård, Vinnova.

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