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Maria Hägglund and Sara Riggare from Health Informatics Centre at Karolinska Institutet, participated at the conference konferensen Stanford Medicine X at Stanford University in California.

They led a workshop with the title "Is Sweden Creating an IKEA for Health ? " , together with Johan Eltes , acting CTO of Inera and doctoral student at CLINTEC, where they  presented the Swedish infrastructure for health IT, including the personal health account, "Health for me” which will be launched  in spring 2016. The workshop attracted great interest at the conference and active participants were among others Claudia Williams, Senior Health and Health IT advisor in the White House, Denise Silber, founder of the conference Doctors 2.0 and You in Paris and Tessa Richards, senior Editor/patient partnership, the British Medical Journal.

Sara Riggare also participated in a panel discussion with the title “Going from Researching Patients to Patients’ Researchers”, moderated by Susannah Fox, CTO på USAs Health and Human Services. The discussion highlighted examples of how patients are already contributing to research in ways other than being study participants and indeed carry out their own research. The other participants were Michael Seres, patient with Crohn´s disease who invented a improved colostomy bag, and Eli Pollard, executive director for World Parkinson Coalition.

Claudia Williams från Vita Huset fullt upptagen med att generera innovativa idéer för klinisk forskning baserat på den svenska hälso-IT-infrastrukturen.

Claudia Williams from the White House busy generating innovative ideas for clinical research based on the Swedish health IT structure. 

Tessa Richards, BMJ, antecknar under den svenska workshopen.

Tessa Richards, BMJ, takes notes during the Swedish workshop.

Denise Silber ställer en fråga till Maria Hägglund.

Denise Silber poses a question to Maria Hägglund.

Maria Hägglund presenterar under workshopen på Stanford.

Maria Hägglund talking during the workshop at Stanford.

Panelen “Going from Researching Patients to Patients’ Researchers”, fr v: Susannah Fox, Michael Seres, Eli Pollard, Sara Riggare

The panel “Going from Researching Patients to Patients’ Researchers”, from left: Susannah Fox, Michael Seres, Eli Pollard, Sara Riggare

All photos above (and more) you can find via this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stanfordmedx/

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