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Equal rights at LIME

LIME should be an inclusive and inspiring workplace and study environment. We work continuously and systematically for equal rights and opportunities for all and against discrimination and harassment. Promoting equal rights and opportunities involves working with knowledge, norms, attitudes, values and behavior.

Based on the Discrimination Act (SFS 2008:567) we strive towards equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability or age. The law applies to both the institution as a workplace and as a provider of education. Consequently this includes all personnel and all students at LIME.

Latest news

Vice-president's blog: One year after #metoo

Vetenskapsrådet: New international research overview on sexual harassment in academia (in Swedish only)

Active measures

The Discrimination Act consists of two parts: the antidiscrimination law and active measures. Since 1 January 2017 the Discrimination Act stipulates that the active measures should be goal-oriented and includes and a responsibility on behalf of the department to investigate and take measures against harassment at the workplace. Figure translated from More info in Swedish.

If you feel that you are subjected to discrimination, harassment or offensive treatment, you should first contact a manager in your immediate vicinity or HR at your institution. You are also welcome to contact the safety delegate, the head of administration, the equal rights representatives, the union representatives or head of the department.

Equal rights action plan

Karolinska Institutet has an action plan for promoting equal rights and opportunities. LIME has a local action plan soon to be published here.

Integration of equality

To promote equality is of fundamental value in KI's strive towards the vision of conducting top quality research and education. More information in Swedish.


Have you been subjected to, or do you know of anyone who has been subjected to any form of sexual harassment? Information regarding equal opportunities, discrimination and harassment can be found on the Staff portal.

Anonymous report of an incident

If you have been expose to, or seen someone else being exposed to discrimination and harassments you can make an anonymous report.

Master suppression techniques

Making invisible. Ridiculing. Withholding information. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Blaming and shaming. Seems familiar? Read more about Master suppression techniques!

The Widerströmska network for equal rights

In the beginning of 2018 LIME initiated a collaboration with the other institutions at Widerströmska: Department of Public Health Sciences, Department of Clinical NeuroSciences and the Department of women’s and children’s health. The aim is to exchange ideas and experiences och collaborate on activities, lectures and seminars. The network will meet twice per semester. The first meeting was held in February 2018.

Equal treatment at KI

University for diversityEqual treatment for all students and staff. Against all forms of discrimination.

Equal rights for students at all levels

Tre äpplen, varav en i svartvittThe Swedish discrimination act covers students at undergraduate, graduate as well as doctoral levels. Find out more on equal rights for students.

Web course on the Swedish discrimination act and equal rights at KI

Log on to Ping-Pong and learn more about equal rights at KI (in Swedish).

If you have questions regarding equal rights and opportunities, please contact the equal rights representatives!

Equal rights representatives

The equal rights representatives are appointed by the head of department and act on his behalf with coordination of the work and activities regarding equal rights. The equal rights representatives do not take on individual cases, but if you have question or concerns regarding equal rights, discrimination and/or harassment related issues, please contact Marie (floor 5) or Sokratis (floor 3) or via


Sokratis Nifakos

Telefon: 073-712 14 75
Enhet: Centrum för Hälsoinformatik (HIC)


Marie Dahlberg

Enhet: MMC/Action through Information Management


(In Swedish)
Higher Education Ordinance chapter 4
Higher Education Act Chapter 1 § 5
Parental Leave Act § 16

(In English)
Work Environment Act: Organisational and social work environment