Education and courses

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MedStat is responsible for the basic statistic courses in postgraduate education at Karolinska Institutet. 


Courses spring 2018 - Basic Course in Medical Statistics (all four will be in English):


  • Distance course 2609 between 12th - 23rd of February 
  • Face-to-face 1383 between 12th - 23rd of March  (it is a TBL-course = Team-Based-Learning)
  • Distance course 2609 between 7th - 18th of May 
  • Face-to-face 1383 between 21st of May - 1st of June  (it is a TBL-course = Team-Based-Learning)


Continuation course autumn 2017 - the course will be in English:

  • Course 2738 Intermediate Medical Statistics: Regression models between 9th - 20th of April


Application period was open between 16th of October until 15th of November. 


Information about the courses and application, please look at the Catalogue Courses on Doctoral Level.


Statistical Software and Licenses

KI currently has site licenses for the following 3 statistics programs and 1 Select Agreement:

  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • JMP
  • Statistica (Select agreement)

For more information use the link: