Earlier research projects in the Division of Innovative Care Research

SOL project

In the project we have investigated how people with cancer experience that their taste and smell senses are affected in different stages of their cancer disease. We have also related this to other problems, well-being and food intake.

Researchers: Britt-Marie Bernhardson (PI), Kerstin Belqaid (PhD), Carol Tishelman (professor), Ylva Orrevall (PhD) and Eva Månsson Brahme (PhD).


The Registered Nurse Forecasting in Europe project (RN4CAST) was a multinational project of 16 participating countries aiming at contributing to new innovative ways of assessing the needs for healthcare professionals.

Researchers: Carol Tishelman (professor), Rikard Lindqvist (project coordinator), Lisa Smeds Alenius (PhD), Sara Runesdotter (statistician).