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Design in academic health care

Watch the filmed symposium- Design in academic health care

How can we develop tomorrow’s health care with those who are involved—patients, families, staff?

An international seminar held on 10 December 2015 and co-arranged by The Innovative Care research group/the DöBra program and SFO-V at Karolinska Institutet, and Innovationsplatsen (the Innovation Center) at Karolinska University Hospital.


Videos from the seminar:

Design in Care/Care in Design: reflections from the end-of-life context, Helena Kjellgren, MFA Transdisciplinary Design, PhD Student at MMC/Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Co-design and multiplicity: Co-creating knowledge and problem-setting with artefacts, Bo Westerlund, Professor in Industrial Design, Konstfack University College of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm, Sweden

What is the problem? Exploring the relevance of art-based design competence in healthcare innovation, Anna Thies, MFA Industrial Design, PhD student, Stockholm University, Sweden

Transforming Healthcare by Design: Lessons Learned from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, Josina Vink, previously designer at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, now employed at Experio Lab in Sweden, and PhD student at Karlstad University, focusing on service design for health systems transformation.

Organisational creativity and quality improvement in the healthcare sector: ‘designerly’ or ‘design-like’?, Alastair Macdonald, Professor, Senior Researcher in Design, Glasgow School of Art and Glenn Robert, Professor of Health Care Quality & Innovation, King’s College London