Dear LIME staff, welcome to ITA!

LIME has now fully migrated to ITA through the SamIT project. This means that ALL YOUR QUESTIONS, PURCHASES (computers, phones, licenses etc) and HELP will be handled by ITA.

We no longer have LIME IT or a purchasing officer.


Support or questions about anything IT-related 

→  Log in to


    Want to purchase a phone/computer/program license etc?

    →  Log in to the ordering portal Wisum.

      • Make sure you mark your order with your name, phone number and research group.
      • It's also important that you send the order in Wisum to the right person (i.e. your manager) so they can approve it (i.e. that it´s ok that you buy the coolest computer).
      • Don't forget to put in the ZZ-code of a person who's got all the information about the order and may accept the invoice in Agresso later.
      • Read more about Wisum:
      • Questions about Wisum? →
      • Video guide about ordering program licenses at KI selfservice.

      How to order program licenses - a thorough explanation

      Good bye LIME IT

      →  From July 1st 2021 both Ludvig A and Ludwig B are employed by ITA  (IT-Avdelningen) at Nobels väg 5.

      • Why do you still see them at LIME?
        • Ludwig B continues to come to LIME one day a week during autumn.
        • Ludvig A is engaged in some projects at LIME. 

      All illustrations above: Pixabay mohamed_hassan

      Starting your migrated computer

      Your KI-computer will take slightly longer to login than you may be used to. This is due to checking updates, policies etc. Normally you will be logged in after about 1-3 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

      Installing software from Software center

      Installing software on a KI Client (PC)

      Installing software on a KI Client (Mac)


      Always on VPN - for staff with Windows 10 in Coordinated IT 


      Print, scan and copy

      KI-Staff network

      Connect to KI-Staff on a KI-PC


      Visit for support.