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Courses in Bioentrepreneurship

UBE offers four different courses at the moment, covering topics from commercialisation of research based products to development of service business. One course deals with lobbying to influence processes and decision making and one management to improve and influence health and wealth. All courses are taught at evenings, one to two days per week, for approximately ten to 40 weeks.

KI courses

From science to business - concepts in biotechnology
From idea to service business - transforming health care

SSES courses

Cross-disciplinary projects are a major part of the courses

Ideation - Creating a Business Idea
Business Model Innovation

Execution - Running Your Own Company
Growth - Managing Your Firm

Context courses

Offers the opportunity to explore venture creation in specific areas.

Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
Ethics for Start-ups
From Idea to Service Business
From Science to Business - Concepts in Biotechnology
Social Entrepreneurship

Skills courses

Practical techniques covering a variety of skill sets.

Design Thinking
Finance for Start-ups
Negotiations for Start-ups
Trendspotting and Future Thinking