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Halftime seminar: Charlotte Klinga

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2016-04-1810:00 Tomtebodavägen 18 A, Widerströmska, institution LIME, 3 floor, EngageCampus SolnaMMC - Medical Management Centre

Title: Sustainable integration of health and social care

Information of the thesis: In this thesis the complex phenomenon of integrated health and social care organization is studied in its natural context with special emphasis on organizational sustainability. The three studies embedded in this thesis aim to address complementary perspectives on integrated care. An organization with a coherent governance and management model applied in Stockholm county council was chosen to answer the twofold overall research aim: Firstly, to understand factors influencing sustainable integration of health and social care for persons with complex care needs. Secondly, to explore valid indicators of integrated care.

Main supervisor: Henna Hasson, Associate Professor

Co-supervisors: Magna Andreen Sachs, Associate Professor, Johan Hansson PhD

Mentor: Kjerstin Larsson, PhD


Agneta Öjehagen, Professor, Lunds Universtitet
Siw Carlfjord, Associated Professor, Lindköpings Universitet
Katarina Piuva, Associated Professor, Stockholms Universitet

Medical management