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Halftime seminar: Carina Georg

Denna sida på svenska
2016-04-2513:30 Tomtebodavägen 18A, Widerströmska, institution LIME, floor 3, EngageCampus SolnaCLK - Centre for Learning and Knowledge

Thesis: Using virtual patient simulation to support the development of clinical reasoning in nursing education

Main supervisor: Elisabet Welin Henriksson, Docent
Co-supervisors: Maria Jirwe, PhD, Johanna Ulfvarson  Docent and Klas Karlgren, PhD
Mentor:Petra Hyllienmark, PhD
Committee: Päivi Kaila PhD, Hans Rydstedt,  Professor and Karin Blomgren, PhD

The presentation will be held in English, discussion will be in Swedish.

Contact person: Carina Georg
Doctoral educationDoctoral student