Half-time controls

Half-time review Shaofan Chen

2018-10-2510:00 Room Engage, 3rd floor, LIME, Widerströmska buildingCampus SolnaCHE - Centre for Healthcare Ethics

Vertical integrated service model: an educational intervention for type 2 diabetes mellitus management and its effects in rural China

Shaofan Chen, Health Outcomes and Economic Evaluation Research Group (CHE)


Place: Engage, 3rd floor, LIME, Widerströmska building, Tomtebodavägen 18A

Time: October 25th, 10 am

Supervisors: Bo Burström (main supervisor), Vibeke Sparring (co-supervisor), Dongfu Qian (co-supervisor).

Half-time review board: Meena Daivadanam, Klas-Göran Sahlén, Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg

Contact person: Bo Burström